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    UF Accelerated BSN Summer 2020

    Hello! I noticed that there isn't a thread yet for all of us who are thinking about applying next summer for UF's Accelerated BSN. I know it's only June but I can't be the only one who is already stressing about the application process, the essays, not being good enough, etc. Hopefully this thread can be a place where we can ask questions and support each other throughout the process! A little about me: I currently attend UF as a Health Education major and would love to stay here and study at the Gainesville campus, but if I get into the Jacksonville one I will gladly go there! They're also requiring the HESI exam this year and I was wondering if anyone knew any tips and tricks. I've only ever heard of the TEAS! I find it so interesting that this one tests our anatomy/physio knowledge, but also kinda frightening because anatomy at UF was a nightmare for me LOL. Good luck ya'll! We got this!