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  1. Whoops, nope, guess I can’t message? I’m new to allnurses... still learning how to navigate. 😊
  2. So happy to have another mama on board! Great idea on the study groups. I’m thinking I want get a FB group going. I have a feeling we’ll all be relying so much on each other for support. I’m going to private message you!
  3. I'm attending Creighton's ABSN program this Fall! I was accepted for Fall 2019, but found out I was pregnant 1 day after submitting my application. They allowed me to defer to Fall 2020. I'm a mom of 2 little ones (9mos and nearly 4yrs when the program starts). I'm anticipating it being TOUGH. The current plan is for my kids to come with me, as well as a family friend to take care of them. Are any other moms applying? What is your plan?
  4. Ibclc22

    Creighton (Phoenix) ABSN Fall 2019

    @Kelina thanks for asking these questions and @nurse0691 thanks for answering! I’ve been accepted as well, but had to defer until Fall 2020 because I found out I’m pregnant after submitting the application. By Fall 2020, I’ll have a near-4-year-old and 9 month old. Trying to figure out how to manage, as I won’t have any family nearby. I appreciate any tips!