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Creighton ABSN Fall 2020 Phoenix: Other Moms?

by Ibclc22 Ibclc22 (New) New

I'm attending Creighton's ABSN program this Fall! I was accepted for Fall 2019, but found out I was pregnant 1 day after submitting my application. They allowed me to defer to Fall 2020.

I'm a mom of 2 little ones (9mos and nearly 4yrs when the program starts). I'm anticipating it being TOUGH. The current plan is for my kids to come with me, as well as a family friend to take care of them.

Are any other moms applying? What is your plan?


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Hi there! I’m also starting in Fall 2020 and am a mom to a little one (16 months). I am sure it’s going to be tough but after talking with an advisor it sounds like we are going to get at least a few weeks before each term begins with a schedule so that should help with childcare planning. I’m currently looking at daycares in the area and planning for that as my primary care option for m-f. I heard the first eight weeks are pretty regular for m-f and 8-5pm but really not sure about childcare for times outside of that yet. We might need to get a parents study group together at some point and let the kids entertain each other while we study LOL.

So happy to have another mama on board! Great idea on the study groups. I’m thinking I want get a FB group going. I have a feeling we’ll all be relying so much on each other for support. I’m going to private message you!

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Whoops, nope, guess I can’t message? I’m new to allnurses... still learning how to navigate. 😊


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I think I heard that Creighton will be starting up a fb page for admitted students soon. I am so excited to connect with everyone!