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    GPA and Applying to ABSN programs

    Thank you. Hearing that has me feeling a bit more confident.
  2. Hey everybody. A little background on my situation: I graduated with my BA last December. After some reflecting and looking at my options, I decided that I wanted to pursue an ABSN. I'm only just beginning my prerequisites (sciences, everything else is complete), and I am worried a bit about my GPA. I attended a community college out of high school and managed to stack up a bunch of Cs on my transcripts. When I transferred to my four year university, I kicked it into gear and made president's list and dean's list most semesters. My GPA for my 4 year uni is a 3.5, however my cumulative GPA with community college transcripts is just over a 3.0. I know many of the public universities in my area are extremely competitive (I'm based in the LA area), and I am curious as to what y'all think my best options are? I plan on acing all of my science prerequisites because I know I will need to stand out as much as possible. I also have plans to become CNA certified in September and begin working in the medical field ASAP to garner experience over the next year or two while I finish my prereq's and begin applying to programs. My goal would be to get accepted into CSUN's ABSN program, but any other options that y'all think may be more realistic? Grand Canyon University is online and has clinicals based in LA, and has decent reviews, but I was hoping to have a physical classroom environment for my nursing program. Any advice or thoughts are greatly appreciated.