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    COVID-19, Nursing shortage, and Nursing Students

    True, but many of the students will be younger than many of the retired nurses that are being urged to re-enter the workforce and will perhaps have a better immune system if it comes down to limited PPE. Since this is an infectious situation the lack of staff will only get worse and many of the skill and experienced nurses may get sick and possibly die (worst case). Then you may have a situation where limited experienced nurses are available for the workforce and to train new nurses (however limited it maybe). Once again, this is preparing for the worst case situation. Everything might get better soon. Just throwing options out there, everyone makes up their own decision. Either way I hope everyone can and will stay as safe as possible.
  2. Many clinicals for nursing programs have been cancelled due to COVID-19 yet nurses are needed more than ever. Delaying future nurses is not a solution to this problem and much learning is done on the job after graduating. It may help future nurses to graduate sooner rather than later to be better prepared if COVID-19 lasts longer than a few more weeks or months. Also this set-up treatment sites will need staff (aka nurses and doctors) but many states can not depart with their own. By allowing senior nursing students to graduate now they have a better chance of getting the training they need for this situation it will also help increase the number of available healthcare workers with stealing from other needed areas. Please take time to consider this petition and sign if you agreed to graduating senior nursing students..... I am not saying that these students are ready, I am saying that graduating them earlier gives them a better chance to be ready by allowing more training time. There is the possibility that they will officially graduate and enter the workforce when this situation is at its worst and there is very limited training time for them. https://www.change.org/p/michigan-governor-gretchen-whitmer-the-healthcare-system-is-in-dire-need-let-senior-nursing-students-graduate?recruiter=1060099439&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial&recruited_by_id=253a9fa0-6c94-11ea-b075-cda65030bef3&utm_content=fht-20953287-en-us%3Av2
  3. Reggie445

    Time Management Tips

    I am currently in nursing school and cannot seem to perform all cares and documentation that is required for several patients during clinical time. I have researched online for time management techniques without any luck. What are some time management techniques that you have learned during clinicals or on the job (if working as a nurse)? I want to be a compassionate and thorough, yet timely nurse. What are some suggestions? FYI I may have 2-3 patients under my care, depends on the day.

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