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  1. Hi, I'm an Australian and currently studying my Bachelor of Nursing. My American husband and I are looking to move to to Texas when I complete my degree. I also hold a bachelor of health'science (paramedic). I have contacted the Texas Board of Nursing who advised once I finish my degree I should be fine to apply for my licence and sit the exam. I have also contacted a couple of international nurse recruiters for advice with no response. However, I'm looking for advice from other Australians, or foreign nurses, who have moved to work in Texas. I would love advice and and feedback on: - Did your degree convert ok, or did you have to do any additional courses? -If so, is if better if I do them here in Australia? -What courses should I complete? - Did you find work? What challenges did you face? I have done extensive research and I'm finding mixed information, and I don't want to be caught out at the eleventh hour for something I can get working on early. So I think it's best if I can get first hand experience from someone who has undergone a similar situation. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Many thanks Maria