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    Ohhh I see! Sorry about that.
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    X g= 12oz x 1lb/16oz x 1kg/2.2lbs x 1000g/1kg use the relationships through dimensional analysis. If you’ve had chem I, it’s the technique often used to make these conversions. Start with what you need to know = the simplest information you know. Th n line up the units so they cancel out. Oz divided by oz is nothing, lbs/lbs, kg/kg. You are left with grams, so you can be sure it’s set up right. also... 12oz is 3/4 of a pound... and a pound is ~500 grams... if you knew that you can probably guess at the answer since they will likely be wildly different. I took my teas las week and it did not give me area for a cylinder. So those types of things might be helpful to know.
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    Leaving federal job for nursing school

    I know we all need to get paid. But if you feel that a career change is best, then start working towards it. You have time to decide if it’s something you can fall in love with. Take those classes and watch for red flags. I currently am about to apply to nursing school for spring. I have a bachelors, a good paying job (40$/hr salary), but it’s a hostile environment and not where I want to spend every day until I die or retire. Or walk out without a plan. I love the medical field. I know it has its flaws, but at the end of the day, hopefully I can feel that my day meant something to someone, not fattening the fat cats. In my opinion, it’ll just give you the freedom to make that change if/when you are ready too. What if you met mr/Mrs right in school or while in school? Or something else changes where it made nursing the absolutely no brainer right choice? I vote: work in that direction.
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    Wow! You go! Congratulations!
  5. @clintonjohnson13 Thanks for the reply. I am applying to East Central University in Ada ok. Also TWU in Denton, but I doubt I have much of a chance as I just discovered that I need all of the prerequisite classes to apply, before applying. I did schedule a meeting to see if I can get a waiver. ECU has a rubric that totals 106 points, I have 85. My program GPA is 3.68 and my retention GPA is 3.40 ( yes, I poo pooed some classes). I have scheduled to retake the teas. I’ll feel better that I gave it my best try and didn’t just “hope” I make it with the 81, even though it will not afford me any more points. I appreciate your vote that the 81 is fair! Thanks! eta I lack microbiology to apply to TWU. I also don’t get the points on the ECU rubric for not having had it. But, that’s fair since other students will probably also be finishing up a class or two, I hope.
  6. I’m vying for a spot on a local nursing program, didn’t study but scored well enough. I will likely retake the exam because, why not? My composite score was 81.3% reading 78.7 math 87.5 science 85.1 English and Lang 70.8 I apply this fall for a spring start to a BSN program. The minimum TEAS score to be eligible to apply is 58.7%. Looks like the program mean is 70, my percentile rank is 82. There is a rubric that gives points for “proficient “, “advanced”, and “excellent” also points for scoring above 71 in reading and above 67 in math. I have the reading, math and “advanced” points. I’ll probably re-sit the exam. But, wanted to hear where other scored and if it was good enough to get in. I emailed an advisor asking if 87 (assumption that I score better)advanced matters over an 81 advanced, but have yet to get a reply. What do you think? TIA