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  1. ertoclinics

    What city do you work in and how much do you get paid hourly?

    I am disabled now, but 2 years ago when I worked, I worked as a Telephone Triage RN in a very large clinic.
  2. ertoclinics

    Accelerated BSN Funding

    I encourage you to go for the BSN. When I was in nursing school, a BSN was not common and I received a Diploma in nursing. I worked as a RN and never had problems finding work as a RN until I moved to my current state. All the hospitals around me require a BSN. When I moved here I had to give up my love of working as a ER nurse because I did not have a BSN. I ended up going to a private outpatient clinic (all hospital connected clinics require a BSN as well). I no longer work now because of a medical disability. My daughter plans to go to nursing school once she is finish with high school and knows she has to go for her BSN in order to live nearby me and work in a hospital.
  3. ertoclinics

    What city do you work in and how much do you get paid hourly?

    I live in Omaha and with 20+ years of experience I was making $27/hour. Very low compared to what I was making in Arizona (over $40/hr).
  4. ertoclinics

    Retiring Too Soon

    I have been a RN for 22 years. The last 5 have been in the clinics because I could no longer do bedside nursing. I was an ER nurse prior to that. I have been off work and medically disabled for the past 2 years. I had a ton of medical problems prior to my diagnosis of cancer at 41. Chemotherapy along with my previous medical problems, mental health problems, and severe cognitive delays due to the chemo has caused me to no longer be able to work as a nurse. I was on short and long term disability and now Social Security Disability. The reality is that this will be permanent. I have had to be on short or long term disability 8 times during my last 3 employments over a 5 year span. (I've been "let go" because my FMLA ran out each time.) My license expires in 2020 and then I will have to place it in an inactive state or give it up completely. I am not sure what my state does. I live in Nebraska. I am having a hard time accepting this fact and it is causing a lot of problems with my mental health problems (mostly anxiety and depression but there is a long list). I am seeing a therapist (not for that reason but I am going to mention it). How did those who have had to give up their career overcome the guilt, feeling depressed, being lonely, accepting of the lose of the career you absolutely love? My husband has been so supportive. My children (21, 16, 16) seem to take advantage of my cognitive problems and confusion but they are pretty overprotective of me as well. Thankfully, the Social Security provides a decent income along with my husband's salary so we just have a small change in our lifestyle. I no longer can drive or go anywhere alone because I now suffer seizures too since the chemo. Any advice is welcome. I am new at posting, but I have been reading posts for years.
  5. ertoclinics

    Per Diem Notice

    When I stepped down at a previous job, (I had a new full time job else where) they refused to let me go per diem there. Luckily, my new job gave me plenty of OT.