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  1. hey! I ended up calling back the day afterwards (last wednesday) and I just got a call back from the hospital's HR this morning. The residency program has different start dates and their last start date for the summer is in the second week of August (Just barely giving me enough time to retake due to NCLEX's 45 day period). I still have a chance to make it, (The HR lady will be talking to the hiring manager of the floor I was going to work on) so fingers crossed. If it doesn't work out, HR said that I could join the fall cycle for the program and start in October. If interested I'll keep you posted with what they officially say. I hope things are going okay for you and hope you don't get dropped!
  2. Hi everyone, I took the Nclex for the first time yesterday and found out I failed this morning. Devastated of course, but I'm giving myself a few days to destress/recuperate and will dust myself off and get back to studying for the retake. I have a offer at a hospital residency program that I accepted and they were waiting on me passing the nclex. I was supposed to let them know my nclex testing date (which I completely forgot) and their HR left me a voicemail earlier today to let them know when my testing date was. I've already sent a re-exam application to the FBON (have to wait for an ATT once again) and re-registered on Pearson vue. I'm nervous about calling back. With retakes I have to wait 45 days (which would be Aug 1st). They have different start dates for their program and the latest is in August (I honestly don't remember which date though). Should I let them know I failed? I'm worried that they would immediately let me go if I tell them I didn't pass.