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  1. nursegirl20

    EMORY MSN FNP 2020

    @aspiringcnm3 thanks for letting me know!! I guess I just have to stay patient and hope for the best congrats on getting in!! that's amazing, I'm so happy for you
  2. nursegirl20

    Penn MSN 2020

    @avs6000 nope
  3. nursegirl20

    EMORY MSN FNP 2020

    @Mharris19 that's good to know!! Wow they must've gotten an insane amount of FNP apps then if my application hasn't even been touched. well I guess all I can do is continue to wait patiently!! Thanks for letting me know
  4. nursegirl20

    EMORY MSN FNP 2020

    I still haven't heard and it's been 2 weeks my app status still only says 'Application Received'. I've kinda given up hope...
  5. nursegirl20

    Emory ABSN+MSN 2019

    Hello! For those who got accepted into Emory's MSN FNP program could you possibly share your stats (GPA, nursing experience, etc.) or any feedback/input about the school or application process? I'm currently in the process of submitting my application for Emory and am nervous that I won't get in. I'm applying with a 3.5 nursing GPA which is kind of low but I have a well-rounded application with multiple volunteer experiences, awards, global health experience, and have 2 degrees in Biology and Nursing. I also just started working as an RN and included that on my application. How competitive is it to get accepted? I'm afraid that I'll be a weak applicant if Emory usually accepts students with high GPAs
  6. nursegirl20

    How is Case Western's FNP Program?

    Hello friends! I recently found out that I got into Case Western's FNP program for 2020! I visited the campus and absolutely loved the campus and the program. I've heard great things about the nursing school. I'm also applying to a few other schools and will make a final decision about which school to go to once I hear back about acceptances. Can anyone give me input or feedback about Case Western's FNP program? What they liked or didn't like about it? Or any general tips on how to succeed in the program if I decide to go there? THANK YOU
  7. nursegirl20

    UPenn vs Penn State for FNP

    @lb088 thanks so much for the input! one last q: when you submitted your resume did you do it in the form of a CV or you just submitted your resume? Also, any tips or words of advice to make myself a stronger candidate when applying?
  8. nursegirl20

    UPenn vs Penn State for FNP

    @lb088 thank you so much for your reply and your motivational words! I guess all I truly can do is try my best and apply question regarding the application: the app opened on July 1st and the deadline is November 1st. Is it rolling-based admission at UPenn? And if so, do you think I'll be okay if I apply by the end of August or should I apply before that if possible?
  9. nursegirl20

    UPenn vs Penn State for FNP

    Hello! I'm currently in the process of applying for the MSN FNP program at UPenn. If you don't mind me asking...could you kindly share what stats you applied with? I'm an ABSN student with 1 year of RN experience and will be applying with a nursing GPA of 3.5 and a cumulative GPA of 3.4. I'm worried that my GPA already puts me on the lower end. Any input would be much appreciated!! Thanks
  10. nursegirl20

    Yale MSN-FNP vs. Emory MSN-FNP

    If you don't mind me asking, what GPA did you apply with to Emory's MSN FNP program? I'll be applying with 1 year of RN experience, a 3.5 nursing GPA (cumulative GPA about a 3.4), and did an ABSN program. I'm nervous that my GPA isn't competitive enough. How competitive is the program?
  11. nursegirl20

    Advice for applying to NP schools!

    I'm currently finishing up an ABSN program and will be done this August! I want to start NP school in Fall 2020. Once I finish my ABSN program and hopefully pass the NCLEX I'll be working as an RN while applying for FNP programs. I wanted to get advice about the process of applying to NP schools, any insight from folks who are in NP school or are NPs currently, and any input about the following schools that I plan on applying to! Although I've done a lot of research about the schools and looked at reviews of students who went to these schools, I don't know much about how competitive it is to get into these schools' programs. I'll be applying with a 3.5 nursing GPA, 3.45 cumulative GPA, and will be in the process of gaining nursing experience while applying to these schools. My first degree was in Chemistry. I'm afraid about whether or not my stats are even strong enough for these schools. Any input would be much appreciated!! Here are the schools I'm planning to apply to: University of Rochester, University of Pennsylvania, Ohio State University, University of Miami, Illinois State University, Vanderbilt, Case Western Reserve, University of Connecticut, University of Cincinnati, California State University Long Beach