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  1. Do Army nurses and nurses in other services receive extra pay for having a certification like the CCRN? If so, how exactly does it work do you just hand in proof once certified to begin receiving pay? How much and is it the same amount for reserve/active duty? Does it have to be the certification in your specific AOC?
  2. Still in the process of joining the reserve as a 66S, but wondered how your civilian job affects your reserve AOC? If you sign an initial contract for 3 years and some of these jobs have incentives attached to them and say a year or so in you decide to change jobs. For example if a critical care nurse took a position in the ED or OR or vice versa. What are the effects if any on your reserve class and contract? How often do the reserve units re-verify with your employer your actual employment and area of nursing? I know many nurses who move around frequently so I can imagine this is not an uncommon problem.
  3. I am prior service and for the last 9 months completed the process to join the reserves as a 66S. I was supposed to have my packet sent in October but was told there was a problem with the budgets and funding so they were holding off on sending anyone to the board. I was then told everything was good to go for November boards and that the incentive for 66S was 20k-25k per year for 3 years. I was notified I was selected a few weeks ago and I should expect to sign and take the oath the beginning of January. I just received a phone call and was told by my recruiter that apparently the reserves failed to properly fund and that only incentives for dentists and physicians were being funded. He was calling me because higher command was requesting they call all of their selected recruits and ask if they would still accept without any guaranteed bonus or if they are declining. He explained that if I decline and funding becomes available that I can try to appeal my declination, but he admitted he had never seen that process before so he can’t guarantee anything. He said I could then wait one year and try again next October to re-board, but that my declination may or may not hurt my chances. My recruiter is a good guy and it sounds like this is all higher-level mistakes. I’ve served before and the money is not the only reason I want to join, but to offer a bonus of 20+k per year and to have offered a similarly high bonus every year for the last few years shows the need for the field and skills. Then to expect recruits to join after being specifically told they qualified for a certain amount and ask them to take $0 makes me wonder if anyone knows what's really going on? If the recruiter is not been given all the information either?

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