O1 -O2 Promotions Army Reserve Nurses

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Currently a reserve 66 series nurse and I've been in a year and a half but with the constructive credit of 12 month my time in grade is well over two years. Due to poor support getting a slot for DCC and BOLC has been incredibly difficult with me just getting a slot for September recently. I had also been told by my unit that for 66 series nurses O1 to O2 is automatic essentially but that you must complete BOLC. However, just recently a few other soldiers were promoted to O2 who are in similar situations regarding DCC/ BOLC and have less TIG/TIS and are not yet MOSQ.

My unit seems to not know anything about these promotions until the soldiers get a notification in their iperms or mypay of their new rank and bring it to their attention. My question is for 66 series reserve nurses what is the process and requirements for O1 - O2? Once these requirements are met how are O1 to O 2 Promotions selected or if they are automatic who processes them?


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O2 and O3 promotions were automatic for me.  Once you attain the required time in grade, often 2 years for each, your officer career brief and email will automatically show the promotion.  If you commissioned on Jan 1 2020, you'll promote Jan 1 2022...etc.


To my understanding, most officers in the reserves fill an O-4 billet...meaning promotion to that point is automatic and a commander actually has to actively put in paperwork to prevent the promotion.