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  1. C00KIE

    Parkland Residency Winter 2020

    I have an ICU interview. Does anyone have any tips?
  2. C00KIE

    Parkland Residency Winter 2020

    Best wishes!!
  3. C00KIE

    So desperate...HELP

    I am so desperate. I graduate on May with ADN. I have no healthcare experience. I have applied everywhere and no luck finding a job. Any one has any tips. I live in Dallas, TX and we have so many nursing schools that makes it very competitive. Any feedback I would appreciate.
  4. C00KIE

    Parkland Nurse Residency

    Anyone knows if they already call people for interviews on mother-baby. It has been a while now. Just wondering if we had a change or not!
  5. C00KIE

    Parkland Nurse Residency

    No. Not yet.
  6. C00KIE

    Parkland Residency Winter 2020

    Thank on the update. Good luck everyone!
  7. C00KIE

    Methodist Dallas October Residency

  8. C00KIE

    Methodist Dallas October Residency

    Has anyone heard back from Methodist.
  9. C00KIE

    Parkland Nurse Residency

    I am too. I am even thinking about getting a studio apartment to a residencies I applied 2 hours away. I can’t move, I have family here in Dallas. I am willingly to do what I can. I might get someone to share the rent.
  10. C00KIE

    Methodist Dallas October Residency

    Yeah I did notice San Antonio’s application process is different than here is Dallas.
  11. C00KIE

    Methodist Dallas October Residency

    They just closed the applications, so haven’t even chosen people yet.
  12. C00KIE

    Need Advice

    Nursing school is not easy. I have seen some classmates fail and go back to try again. Usually the first semester is the hardest one, at lease for me it was. I think I just needed adjusting to the type of Nclex questions and learn the best strategies for me to learn. I advice you to get together with a classmates to study to make sure you are studying the right content, and also Talk to your instructor.
  13. Anyone has any idea when we should hear from Methodist about the residency for October in Dallas Methodist. Please let us know. Thank you .
  14. C00KIE

    First RN Job Tips/Advice

    Thank you for your wonderful advice and sharing your experience. It is very stressful situation that I am right now. I can totally relate.
  15. C00KIE

    HELP! New grad ADN w no experience.

    I also have the same problem too. I just graduated and looking for a job. I join Red Cross to start to help the community, but also looks good in the resume.
  16. C00KIE

    ADN looking for a job DFW

    Thank you. I was wondering on some of those places too.