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  1. viewerindepth

    Alternatives to military nursing

    Hello all, I’m graduating from my BSCN program this April and I’m looking for advice. A while ago I considered applying to the CAF as a direct-entry nursing officer; however I didn’t like the pay. I have student loans and other financial obligations, and I can’t afford to live off their measly salary. So I had to drop the idea. Any suggestions of alternative pathways that are similar to military nursing? Government/diplomacy/law-enforcement-wise? I couldn’t find any hard info on forensic nursing, or whether nurses can upgrade to a CSI, for example.
  2. viewerindepth

    Military nursing officer in Canada?

    Hey all, I'm graduating this year from my BSCN program in Canada, and I'm considering applying to the Canadian Armed Forces as a Nursing Officer. I've already talked to a recruiter, and he told me I would make 80k a year once I become a Captain. Is that true, or was he stretching the truth a bit? Does anyone know more about the pay, how long it takes to rise through the ranks, benefits, work conditions ... etc.?