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Canadian new grad RN moving to California?

by viewerindepth viewerindepth (New) New Student

Hello great nurses!

I have just finished my BScN in Canada, but I have to relocate to California to join my extended family in LA. I am a Canadian citizen, but unlike my other family members, I do not have any legal status in the US.

I have two main concerns:

  1. Can I sit my NCLEX-RN here in Canada and then carry on with the registration of the California Board of Registered Nursing? I don't want to move too early without a job offer (I have heard that some Canadian RNs who relocated there had to resist the NCLEX; is that true?)
  2. There is a lot of ambiguity about obtaining an SSN and how difficult it is for Canadians; any insights? Any changes since the COVID-19 pandemic?

Thank you and I really hope you are safe and well!

Hi there. Can we trade places? I like Canada 😉

I would suggest you contact the California Board of Registered Nurses re the NCLEX and all of that. Good luck!

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@viewerindepth. Heya, I'm Canadian that endorsed my RN license here in Maine. As per info below, you can take NCLEX in Canada. You need to register as RN first though in CAN. You need employer that will give you Employment Letter which will be needed to get your TN status (for Canadians to work in the US). Read if you need CGFNS - Visa Screen.

I requested a letter from the BON that my application is complete except for no SSN because they couldn't release my RN license without that. (But may depend on the State I.e. Michigan released my license but I needed to sign an SSN waiver). I used that letter at the Customs/Border. Once I got my TN, I applied SSN in the US then sent to BON and my license was released. It was a long process.