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  1. Hello!! I'm preparing for ABSN or entry-level MSN and getting some of my last pre-reqs done. I need to take a verbal communication, but have no idea which communication classes should count and there's so many classes and universities to check if I were to check by calling in... I'm planning to take my courses at a community college. Can people tell me what you took for this pre-req?? Thank you so much!!!
  2. IHello. I'm a pre-nursing student just graduated with non-nursing bachelors' degree. I got a C in general bio and a C- in the bio lab... I know most schools don't accept anything below C+ for pre-reqs. Can i retake this course in community college? Or should I have retaken this course in the university that i attended? Will some schools not even consider me as an applicant because of this? Please help!!!!