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  1. Stazzystazz

    Kennesaw State University Spring 2020

    Your TEAS score makes for it though. Good luck!
  2. Stazzystazz

    Kennesaw State University Spring 2020

    Yeah same here, Insecure about my TEAS. But I’m done with all my 12 preqs after fall semester. Only have Chem 1152 left. Idk lol I’ve gotten As on all my A&P and Micro classes so hopefully that’ll give me a competitive edge. My advisor also told me that minorities get a advantage lol. Good luck!
  3. Stazzystazz

    Kennesaw State University Spring 2020

    Yeah I heard the spring semesters are easier to get in. Good luck!
  4. Hey guys, I recently just applied to the program for Spring of 2020. I would just like to share my stats with you guys hoping that you guys would do the same. 3.72 Overall GPA 4.0 GPA for 5/7 Science & Math Courses 4.0 GPA for 7/12 Pre-Reqs 80 TEAS Score 84.4/90 Competitive Score I am a bit insecure about my TEAS score because it’s relatively a low score. What do you guys think about my chances of getting in? I am also a Minority Male and my counselor said that I have a competitive advantage above the majority of applications but I’m still a bit on edge haha. Also done with all my 12 pre-reqs after Fall 2019. What are you guys stats? I hope the best for you all and hopefully we will see each other in orientation this fall! Good Luck to everyone applying!