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  1. Hey everybody, I just recently graduated and passed my NCLEX. I applied for one position at a hospital and I ended up interviewing for 6 different units. So I interviewed on Tuesday, Friday they had me come in to shadow 5 of the units. ( I did several clinicals and had my preceptorship there and many of the unit managers knew me) And now it's Tuesday the next week. I've been talking to my preceptor who works on one of the floors and she said I should be expecting an offer today. How would the offers work? Are they going to call? Email? Call me into the hospital to talk about it? And then after I've accepted an offer what's the path from there generally. New to having a big kid job and I just don't really know what to expect! Also I'm between 2 units, i imagine they won't offer at the same time so can I ask for 24 hours to think about it? Or whats the etiquette on that. Thanks!
  2. SarahRN717

    RN license expires 6 months after issue?

    Yeah I called and they told me because of my birth date, month and year I just got unlucky.
  3. Hi everybody, I just passed my NCLEX in Maryland and received my license number 3 days after taking it. Which I thought was odd since a lot of my friends who had taken it last week haven't gotten theirs license numbers yet. But issue date is 6/14/2019 and expiration is 12/28/2019, none of my friends that have gotten their licenses have this problem, they're all 2 years. So should I be concerned? Should I wait a week and see if it was a typo or something? Or call and get this figured out.