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  1. Hello everyone, This is my first time ever on a website like this, so I apologize if I did anything wrong while creating my topic. I finished my CNA course and took my state exam in May. I have an interview at a nursing home on Monday, and I have a few questions since this is my first injob offer for a CNA position. I'm located in IL if that makes any difference. What is the interview process like? (Could there be tests, maybe demonstrate a skill, strictly questions) Could anyone give me some examples of questions I might be asked? Or even share your experiences of a nursing home interview. Also, should I bring anything? Now, say I get hired..what is the hiring process like? Do most nursing homes have you get a physical, TB test, drug test, background screen, or fingerprint? I had to get a physical and TB test for school, so should I bring those papers with me Monday? And what exactly usually happens during orientation? I'm sorry if these are "dumb" questions, but I'm super nervous about this!