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  1. Michellestudentnurse

    Are LVN/LPN programs a waste of time? BSN ultimate goal.

    That sounds like a waste of time and money. LVN school is not free. Why not just go out of state for your BSN. I’m from the bay and I moved for my BSN, graduated this year and I have my California license already Also, I had no CNA or LVN experience, only caregiving
  2. Michellestudentnurse

    CA Board of Registered Nursing Pre-reqs

    No, the people on the phone are not helpful. There were many times that they gave me incorrect information regarding my application. If you can go in person with your transcript and a course description, you will get better help
  3. Michellestudentnurse

    CA Board of Registered Nursing Pre-reqs

    You need to call the board and ask them. Don’t allow people on here to give you false information that can delay the process. Only the people processing your application can answer that. they are open for walk ins right now, which is preferable. So if you can go in person, take advantage of that
  4. Michellestudentnurse

    DELAYS processing CA BON application

    Hello everyone my application was approved today. I applied on May 28 and they approved it today on August 18. this was a stressful wait! goodluck to everyone!
  5. Michellestudentnurse

    ATT dated for CA?

    Hey everyone They approved my application today. I’m assuming I will get my ATT either today or tomorrow. I submitted my application on May 28 and they approved me on August 18 goodluck to everyone! I know it is stressful waiting.
  6. Michellestudentnurse

    Upcoming Texas student wanting to come back to CA

    You should probably remove that pdf attachment and blot out your name. The internet is full of creeps. on another note, your best bet is to call the board of nursing. I hear they never respond to email. Those don’t look like clinical hours, it looks like they are referring to units. I wonder if there is a course that is missing. In any case, my friend went to nursing school in Texas and she lives in California and works as a nurse now. And yes, she endorsed her license. So I think you will be fine.
  7. Michellestudentnurse

    DELAYS processing CA BON application

    Hey! Have you received your authorization to test yet? The processing time frames for your dates have been the same for the past 5 weeks. This is my 12th week and I have not had any updates.
  8. Michellestudentnurse

    ATT dated for CA?

    This is the 5th week working on May 1-15 I hate California
  9. Michellestudentnurse

    ATT dated for CA?

    That’s odd. 2 of my classmates got their ATT already. one applied on May 7th and got her ATT on July 21. Graduation was in June. another one applied May 14 and got his application reviewed on July 23. Graduated in June as well. both out of state schools I applied on May 22, so I’m hoping to hear back soon. its king of scary that you applied on the 9th of May yet they reviewed applications after yours. I hope you get your ATT tomorrow because next week they should be moving along in the processing time frames.
  10. Michellestudentnurse

    Passed NCLEX after 4x, with 60 questions, with a few SATA

    I’m so happy for you. Because you acknowledge God in your success, God will continue to bless you with more. Congratulations RN!
  11. Michellestudentnurse

    NCLEX Results

    There are so many threads about the Pearson vue trick. Literally nobody can tell you if you passed. The trick is not 100% accurate. My friend did the trick last week and it said that she failed but in reality she passed. Just wait the 48 hours and see your quick results. These questions are actually kind of annoying. What the heck do we know about whether you passed or not?
  12. Michellestudentnurse

    My Experience as an Non-political White Male in Nursing / NP School

    This has nothing to do with nursing. You either have a *** perspective or you are at a *** school. Either way, this has nothing to do with the nursing profession.
  13. Michellestudentnurse

    Med-Surg/Adult Health Practice Questions/Strategies

    UWorld might help. It’s a tad bit pricey but it really helps to prepare you for those type of questions.
  14. Michellestudentnurse

    Roseman University Fall/October 2020 Cohort

    Re: books: You just need to make sure that they haven’t updated the editions being used. I think altogether, I spent about 700 on books (I can’t remember)... I bought my books individually from amazon. The school offers a bundle through elsevier which is cheaper but it doesn’t include everything. you can get your lab scrubs from anywhere, so it’s as cheap as you can find it. Either burgundy or gray. But your clinical uniform must be purchased from Dub scrubs because it has the school logo on it. And I think it was about 25-30 dollars per top. I got 2 I loved the online learning. You have to be disciplined otherwise it is very easy to fall behind. Most people in my class passed. We had about 4 people not move forward. Those that made it to the end, all passed the ATI exit exam though
  15. Hi Michelle.

    I was recently accepted into the spring 2020 in Utah. Do you mind if I DM you to ask you questions? 

  16. Michellestudentnurse

    Roseman University Spring/Feb 2020

    Goodluck everyone, I'm currently a student in the ABSN program at the South Jordan campus and I love it. Started in February and the time has just been flying. Feel free to ask any questions.

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