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  1. JByrnexx

    Does the college you graduate from matter?

    I grew up near philly & went to nursing school in Boston. In my experience, it’s more about the connections you have at the end when you’re looking for a job and your personal skills instead of the school written on your degree. Just my opinion.
  2. JByrnexx

    PMHNP Walden U & Regis College

    I am in the process of applying to Psych NP programs and am between Regis College & Walden University. At the moment I don’t have much choice other than to do online and these two programs are pretty popular. Anyone heard of anything(good or bad) about either? I’ve read a few reviews, but most were old. I realize online will be extremely difficult and I know I’d be responsible for finding my own preceptors..just wondering if anyone has heard anything else. Thank you! EDITED to say that it doesn’t have to be info on the psych track specifically, just their online NP programs in general.
  3. JByrnexx

    Switching jobs after 6 months?

    Although I think that 1 year is what many people aim for, if you’re not happy then you shouldn’t force yourself to stick it out if another unit/hospital wants to hire you! I would just be prepared to answer an interview question about why you’re leaving after only 6 months. My first nursing job was HORRIBLE. I lasted 3 months and then found another job that I ended up loving. My life was much better after I switched. I would also just try and be as sure as you can be about the next job so that you don’t have to make another switch after a short period of time. 2 would be harder to explain in interviews! Hope this helped a little.