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  1. Hi there! so I work on a surgical/tele floor and I have been working here for 3 months. I hate it and I really want to move into the OR. I applied for an OR nurse residency program at Northwestern Memorial Hospital (VERY well-known hospital) in Chicago. I thought for sure I would at least get an interview and possibly the job since I am still a new grad and have 3 months of floor experience. I checked my application status today and it said that they are not considering me for the position. I was absolutely devastated and shocked, and now I am just really sad because the thought of getting this position has been what's getting me through the job I am at. Now that that's out of the question, I cannot fathom the thought of staying there longer than 6 months. Do you think they rejected me because it looks bad that I want to leave my current job after 3 months? I cannot understand what else it could be. I ended up calling the nurse manager of the OR directly and leaving a message to see if there's anyway I can talk to her about it. There is no place in the city right now offering positions to new grads in the OR, so this is my only shot. I am so let down and it is making me want to switch to PRN status at my current job because I that is how much I dislike it. Any advice or thoughts on this would be appreciated. Also, any advice on how to get into the OR with no OR experience? Thanks!
  2. Reaz

    PRN after 3 months

    I have been working on a surgical/tele unit for 3 months now (my first job after graduation). I work nights and right now I feel a lot more confident than I would have expected. I was wondering if it would be ridiculous to switch to PRN status this early on. I really dislike the way the managers schedule people and I absolutely hate having to work every other weekend, both days. I do not enjoy this job at all and on top of that the schedule that I work makes it even worse. I cannot fathom the thought of working there longer than 6 months, however if I am able to pick the days I work (with some rules, I know) I will be able to stick it out for longer to gain the experience I need. I will still aim for working 3 12 hour shifts a week. I know a lot of people that work on my floor that are PRN status yet are still working full-time hours. The floor I am on is always short staffed, so I would not have a problem getting hours on that floor. I also do want to start taking classes for PA school soon, so working PRN will also be beneficial for that as well.
  3. Reaz

    A day as a surgical NP

    What do surgical NPs do? Can you explain your role and what a typical day is like? Is having a RNFA beneficial? Do surgical NPs scrub in and help assist? Also, does being an OR nurse help you become a surgical NP? I am a new grad RN and I want to be an OR nurse first. I only will have 6 months of surgical/tele floor nursing experience when I make the transfer into the OR. Do I need more floor nursing experience to be a surgical NP? Thanks!
  4. Reaz

    Floor to the OR?

    Thank you so much:)) I appreciate you commenting! I think I will pursue transferring after 6 months.
  5. Reaz

    Floor to the OR?

    I didn’t you think sounded like that at all! I really enjoyed what you said:) Thank you for the info and advice!!
  6. Reaz

    Floor to the OR?

    Hi there! Sorry this is long, but I need a place to vent my thoughts. So I just graduated nursing school 6 months ago and started on a surgical/tele floor at a big, trauma one level hospital. I know I am new (2 months now) and still have no idea what I am doing, but I do not like it AT ALL. I got the vibe in nursing school that bedside nursing was not for me. If I wanted to do anything at the bedside, I wanted ICU because I am a very detail oriented person who wanted to focus more attention on a smaller number of patients. However, I was talked into starting on a floor by a couple people so I could gain the basic nursing skills first. Well, I do not like it. I feel like I am running around, passing meds constantly, only focusing on tasks that need to get done versus actually understanding the patients story and plan. I think I am a really smart person, but I feel like an idiot on the floor. I make stupid mistakes, I feel like my preceptor thinks I am dumb (she is not encouraging in the slightest), and sometimes I leave feeling so defeated. Again, I know I am new and a lot of my feelings are normal as a new grad, however I really do not see myself enjoying this. I DREAD going to work. OR is my PASSION. I have always been interested in the OR, since even before school. I don't know what it is, but I walk into an OR and I am just in the greatest mood. The reason I did not do OR nursing was because I immediately gravitated towards CRNA, and you need ICU experience for that, so I was planning to do ICU for 2-3 years, then go to school. However, I really do not even know if I want to do any bedside nursing at this point. The thought of staying at the bedside for that long makes me sad. The long hours, the weekends, the holidays, that really does bother me with bedside nursing too. I enjoy having every full weekend to myself to decompress from work, to see my friends/family, and forget about all that stress, and then relive it again during the normal work hours like everyone else does. In Chicago as a bedside nurse, you work every other weekend, every other holiday, thats it. The only thing that was pushing me towards CRNA was the money, and at this point, I have learned first hand that my happiness is more important than money. So now I am thinking about being an OR nurse. One. Patient. At. A time. Heck yes. I feel like you are a part of a team putting in all of your effort to focus on one patient at a time, and I love that. I know there is call, but depending on what the call schedule is like, I can probably deal with it. A M-F job with occasional weekends on call sounds like a dream to me. My concern- I have heard that OR nursing is boring or just all documentation. Is this true? Can you please tell me your experiences while working in the OR, or making the transition from the floor to the OR? Also, what is your call schedule like? I know all are different, but I want to get an idea as to what it can be. I live in Chicago, so a lot of big trauma 1 teaching hospitals, which means probably more call shifts. Last thing. Is it too soon to transfer from the floor to the OR in the same hospital after only 6 months? I know it isn't that much experience, but I am so excited when I think about being in the OR. Waiting a year will be very hard.