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  1. KA97

    MNU ABSN Fall 2019

    I'm currently in the Fall 2019 program and I just finished the first month! We are almost done with Mod 1. Congrats on getting a spot! So far I'm loving it, the professors really set us up for success!
  2. KA97

    Colorado New Grad BSN pay?

    I used to live in Aurora, CO years before and moved to Kansas and am now studying nursing. I graduate from nursing school next August (2020) and I am very determined to move back to Colorado and apply to new grad residencies/jobs in Aurora/Denver area. I've been hearing that nurse pay in Colorado is really low. What do you nurses in Colorado think about the salary/getting into new grad residencies in CO? Is it worth it in relation to cost of living?
  3. KA97

    MNU ABSN Fall 2019

    Hi, I got into MNU!! I'm excited to be joining the rest of you. First things first though, I am also looking for a roommate. However, I have 2 emotional support dogs that I will be bringing with me. Let me know if anyone needs a roommate who's comfortable with living with two cute dogs.