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  1. MHCC Fall/Winter Term 2020-2021

    Does anyone know why Immunotrax sends and email out weekly regarding a missed health requirement such as in my case the Hep B titer? My understanding was that the titer is not required before start of program only 1st and 2nd shot of the series ...
  2. MHCC Fall/Winter Term 2020-2021

    Yeah , Im confused too.. On the Health and Safety Checklist next to the drug screen it says, "Your drug screen must be cone within 24 hours of loggin onto corporate screening and must be completed by the deadline or you will be dropped from the...
  3. MHCC Fall/Winter Term 2020-2021

    Do you recommend buying supplies/books now or waiting until at least vaccinations are submitted and reviewed?
  4. MHCC Fall/Winter Term 2020-2021

    My understanding is that we will be able to get into immunotrax once we get our acemapp email which will be on nov 1st?
  5. PCC/MHCC/OHSU Fall 2020

    Hi Larissa are you a fall or Winter start student?
  6. PCC/MHCC/OHSU Fall 2020

    Has anyone received the email yet for the Nursing Central App?
  7. This is a forum for the incoming nursing students at MHCC. Please share any concerns, questions, tips for the admission process especially. Related to: Topics covered during Orientation Nursing Handbook Immunizations/drug test/background check/CPR
  8. PCC/MHCC/OHSU Fall 2020

    Hi Jeweliana ? I believe both schools are in partnership with OCNE so the curriculum would be the same. I would also look at the NCLEX pass rate for each school. This is not an indicator that you would pass the exam or that the faculty is better at ...
  9. PCC/MHCC/OHSU Fall 2020

    I'm not sure. I would assume that they will answer question like that during our orientation.
  10. PCC/MHCC/OHSU Fall 2020

    I just got acceptance letter today too! I am Winter term. Anyone else Winter TERM?
  11. PCC/MHCC/OHSU Fall 2020

    I think I did well too, but like you I don't want to get my hopes up. It was kind of nerve racking only having 2 1/2 minutes to answer your 2 questions. I don't think I did well on the essay though.
  12. PCC/MHCC/OHSU Fall 2020

    How did everyone think they did on the Essay and Interview? (FOR MHCC)
  13. Top 66-72 applicants are accepted into the program (30-32 Fall and 36-40 Winter). Next 40-45 applicants are placed onto an alternate list. (NEVERMIND)
  14. Do you know how many applicants and alternates they take a year? My understanding is 62-77(?) spots in the program.
  15. Has anyone here applied to MHCC?