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    Cleveland State University Accelerated BSN Jan 2018

    I don’t think they did.
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    Cleveland State University vs Ursuline College Accelerated BSN

    Thank you! I’m going to Cleveland state absn!!! Was it crazy difficult studying? Ah I’m nervous. Any tips or info on the program ? I’m nervous
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    Cleveland State University ABSN

    Hello everyone, I just had my interview for Cleveland State University’s ABSN program. I am currently residing in California. I am wondering what you think about Cleveland State University’s program, if you know anything about it. Is it worth it to go out of state when I could potentially get into a school in California? How do you make a decision on a school? Do you basically just look at graduation rate and NCLEX pass rate?! What else should weigh in on my decision? Thanks
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    Cleveland State University ABSN

    Thank you so much for your advice. I just applied and am waiting to hear back from them. I heard that it’s a pretty good program. I understand that it doesn’t really matter where you get your bachelors of nursing, however I would love a great engaging program. And I would love to be in a good area. My boyfriend is going to case Western for medical school, so I might move there due to that if I get into the program. However we also decided that it might be great if I get into a direct masters program for nursing instead of an accelerated bachelors program. I am still deciding on this. Of course I need to wait until I get any acceptance to be able to make the decision :-). Thank you for your advice I really appreciate your thorough reply.
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    Cleveland State University Accelerated BSN Jan 2018

    Hello! Congratulations on getting in. I just had an interview with CSU today for their ABSN program. What factors did you take into consideration when accepting admission for this program? I am in California and deciding on if I want to go to this program. Seems like a great choice, but let me know if you love the school since I assume you started the program last year! Thanks!!

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