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    Hello everyone! I'm new here! I am currently working in the finance industry and hold a Bachelor's and an Associate's in Criminal Justice/Psychology. Way back when, when I first began college I was a pre-nursing major. I had a few friends in grades above me get rejected from the nursing program (I was at Virginia Commonwealth University at the time) and self-doubt got the best of me and I decided to change my major instead of trying to get into the program. Now, 10 years later, I am unhappy in my career and with my chosen degree choices. I always come back to the "what-if" of nursing school. I truly wanted to become a nurse and I believe I am in a place now where I can do that. I am about to turn 30 and have a 10 month old son and another baby on the way. My husband is in the military and we've made the choice that I should move home with my parents so that I can have a stable environment to go to school and I can have a consistent support system and help with our kids as I take on this adventure of going back to school. I feel very confident in my choice but I often wonder, what if I go back and retake all of these courses (the nursing programs I've looked at require a certain time frame for many of the classes that I've already taken, and I don't fall within it) and I still do not get in. I won't have the luxury to just pick up and move to another state just so I can get into a program. I feel like I am lucky that I am moving back to the area that I am (Hampton Roads, VA) as I will have 3 local choices that I know of for nursing programs. Ultimately, my goal is to obtain my Master's in Midwifery and there is also a program for that at the local University as well. I have big aspirations. I just hope I'm not taking on too much. I'm nervous. Sorry for rambling but I felt the need to reach out to see if anyone had the same doubts!