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  1. Hey there! I’m interviewing with two different allergy clinics. One is an ENT & Allergy and it’s for the allergy shot nurse- basically I’d be doing just allergy skin test, allergy shots, and mixing the serum. I would not be working with the ENT doctors they have their own MA’s. The hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 to 5:00, no holidays, no weekends, no call, or nights. Also, this requires 25% travel if someone is out sick at another location, but I’d mostly be at my home office. The other place is a the a bigger growing practice. It specializes in allergy, asthma, and sinus. I would be cross trained to work the a provider doing PFT’s, allergy skin test, IV and Subq infusions and many other things; and I would be trained to work in the allergy shot room as well. At this practice they travel with the providers to the other clinic in the area. The hours at this place can vary from 8-5:30 or 8:30-5:00 or even staying late some days till 6:00. Also you have one weekend rotation every 4-6weeks for a Saturday from 8-12. Holidays off, no other weekends beside what was mentioned, no nights or call. This place sounds like you can move up as well. And it sounds like more variety which I think I’d like. But I’m not sure about the travel. It sounds like I’d be traveling 75% of the time. Also, there isn’t a manger on site. Which I think could be good or bad. I was curious if anyone has ever done this? How did you like the traveling? Would it be better not to travel all the time or is that a plus since I would get more variety? Also, have any of you worked in an allergy clinic? If so how did you like it? I’m looking for something different than bedside nursing. I used to work in a cardiology clinic, but didn’t get to do hardly any skills. This would be using more skills, but not as overwhelming as bedside nursing. Sorry it’s so long. Hope to hear from you guys! Crystal, BSN, RN