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    NCLEX- tips on retaining/applying content

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on here. I’ve been reading a lot of the nclex threads throughout nursing school and now I’m glad I can say that I’ve graduated nursing school too! So currently I’m preparing for NCLEX. I’m using Kaplan (my school uses it) and have done QT 1-3, the live class, and a few Qbanks so far. A problem I’ve come across when preparing for nclex is when i take a practice test, I do write down the rationales and write down/review the content related to the question.... I also notice/write down the mistakes i tend to make when practicing i.e. in my heart I know the answer is right and want to choose it but then i second guess myself and choose the incorrect option. HOWEVER, for some reason I’m starting to think this process isn’t helping me as much as it used to. Whenever I take a *new* exam I still find topics/medications/concepts that I’m not AS familiar with and as a result I end up getting tripped up. Even with disease processes I have heard of before, new questions tend to be presented in a different way. The decision tree is ok sometimes but other times it either leads me down the wrong path OR I end up evaluating anyways. Any advice, words of encouragement, or tough love would be appreciated. Thank you.