I want to quit my job, but I need resources to help me out.

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I've worked at my current unit in an acute care hospital for almost three years. Reasons that I am wanting to quit include the following:

1- Management never recognizes when I do a good job, only when I've made mistakes. They are never mistakes that result in a sentinel event and I've learned from each one. Now (today) they are contacting me about an incident that happened a FEW MONTHS AGO and accusing me of not doing the assessments that I was supposed to do (when I did indeed do them). That in combination with a few other things that happened these past few years makes me think that they are building a paper trail to try and let me go- am I overreacting?

I also posted a few months ago about getting a lower review score and not getting a merit raise.

2- The environment on my unit is not friendly at all- I've really tried my best

2A- They stick me with the same assignment types, never getting an opportunity to work with the more sick patients.

3- I've felt very burnt out- tired, I can never sleep right, feeling like I'm just not myself. I go away on vacations and feel SO happy, but m when I get back I'm miserable again.

4- The pay (or lack thereof) is not worth the above to me- it has me thinking of quitting the profession and going back to school for tech or consulting, but I don't really have money for school right now.

Options that I have: I work pediatrics which complicates things a little bit.

1- Travel nursing: I always wanted to do it, but travel contracts for pedi are not good at all right now. Also where do I start? I also have doubts about being good at it.

2- apply on a different floor of the same hospital 

3- apply to different hospitals, but be open to adults again (out of necessity)

4- just quit nursing and go back to school for  tech or consulting - I remember my mom saying that it wasn't ever going to get better; I'll also feel like a failure if I quit 

It's hard because I fundamentally like what I do it's just this environment is getting to me. I don't really have people in my life that can help me in this situation. What do I do? Any advice?

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I don't think you need to quit nursing just yet, if you fundamentally like what you do.

Is management trying to let you go? Maybe, but you would know better than me. Here are some ways to test that. Ask for a meeting with your manager. Ask them why you are being confronted about this months ago incident. Did something happen? Like is there a lawsuit or audit? If your manager says some bs like "we are concerned about your performance, competence, etc" then they are trying to let you go. And it might have nothing to do with your actual performance. If your manager tells you there was an audit or something else out of their control, it's probably not them trying to let you go. In this same meeting tell the manager that you want to be challenged and to get the more complex assignments. What do you have to do to get that situation for yourself? If manager agrees to do that, or tells you what you need to do (get board certified or whatever) then they're not trying to let you go. If they call out your competence or performance and give you no way to improve, then yeah they don't want you.

If you get a good result from this you may feel better. Check your feelings when you're done.

It's never a bad idea to look at other opportunities. Look around at indeed and see what's out there. Look at the internal postings at your hospital. 

Travel nursing is fun, and a good experience even if you wind up deciding it's not for you. I did it, it's not for me and I still had a little fun and adventure.

Think about other specialities and work environments you might like. Personally I don't like hospitals and I detest nursing homes. I like to work in the community, outpatient or emergency room. I still have lots of options. I spent some time in hospice, but mostly I do community psych. 

Try some other stuff in nursing before you throw in the towel.

Management never acknowledges a good job.  They feel they are there to correct poor performance. I can't tell if they are starting a paper trail. How serious were your "mistakes". Just because it did not lead to a sentinel event, it does not mean it was not significant. Did you receive a verbal warning?  

It is time to move on. Buff your resume and scour the job boards. I tried travel nursing. It's a tough gig... you need to hit the floor running in three days. It also would be temporary.. as nobody can do it forever.

Utilization management worked for me.  Working from home is priceless.

Good luck

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