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    Narc Mistake.. Freaking out

    Hello and help! I am a new grad with about 3 months experience on my own now in the pediatric world. I just remembered a mistake I made at work two days ago and I am freaking out. My patient had Adderall due at 0900 but he was nauseous at the time and refused the medication. I place the medication in the lock med server to check back in one hour to see if he was going to take the medication. When I checked back in he agreed to just skip the medication for the day so I documented refused in Epic. My shift got very hectic from then on out just trying to keep my patients stable I forgot to return the Adderall to the pyxis. I LEFT IT in the locked med server in the patient's room. I am so anxious as to what could happen since I did not return this medication as it is labeled as a narcotic. I am terrified that when I return the patient will be discharged and the med server will have been emptied. Any advice to calm me down?