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    From ICU to Art, back to Health Care

    Nursing is a great insight into life, as I learned after graduating with a BA in Sociology. I returned to school, and received my associates degree in nursing. From there I went into ICU where I practiced for years, enjoying the interaction of people, equipment, and daily learnings. However, one night I thought, there’s got to be more. On that evening, I was carrying urine and bile, and wanted to see the world. Within days, I had another job, in medical equipment sales: yes, it is true. Although I had no sales training, I had cardiology training. I was taught how to ‘sell’. I got paid to travel, present, train others, and teach physicians new technology. This tributary took me into photography because I was always visually strong. My camera and I traveled throughout the USA for many years, as I had planned on painting. Something else emerged…. I discovered computer graphics and fell in love. Yes, this is true too…I fell in love with the combination of photography and painting, taught myself, and ended up teaching techniques. In the process of learning something I loved, the realization that love allows for cognitive resonance, and is therapeutic. In the classroom I witnessed many people becoming so focused on the art that they forgot their anxieties, and came to life. That was truly an eye-opener. New ART therapy has many avenues towards allowing one’s inner world to flourish. Nurses are in an interesting position. We are aware of a plethora of spheres in this reality. We’ve seen death, and joys of life. We understand complexities of the journey, yet we see simplicities of the moment; a smile, a held hand. Nurses who tap into art see that art is related to health, it is both complex and simple. Today nurses are often stressed from overwork. May I suggest to explore the Arts? Take a camera, see what has been changing in our mutual worlds. We are in an interesting crossroad in a changing society. People are being pitted against one another; Youtube has created instant experts, and confusion or misinformation/fake news is prevalent. I am still doing art, but now it too is in change, due to my awareness growing. We are more technological than ever, and moving towards increasing technology. Between smart meters, and the ‘internet of things’ our exposure to magnetic frequencies, and other frequencies…is a new horizon which this nurse believes will manifest into new illnesses. I am using technology to create visuals which will hopefully raise awareness about the new world we are living in which is rapidly changing. I am concerned about the media confusion, plus the technological subtle potential harm to our natural world, thus returning to health care. I am posing the questions: What do the unseen frequencies do to us? What will the new diseases be called? Where will people go to ‘escape’ the bombardment? The chemicals, the nano technologies, the emitted cell frequencies…what are they creating to our natural order? Have nurses created forums about this? My latest art piece, called: ‘Eye in the sky’ shows a tranquil sea…with a small marina. Most of the image is the sky, with a subtle set of waves moving, and an eye. I am moving towards using visuals to stimulate thought. How are we to thrive in the rapidly changing technological future upon us today? With that question posed, I’m returning to health care….my nursing awareness and research more alive than ever. These are incredible times of rapid information spread through social media by people who often repeat what their friends say. It is truly a time for nurses to utilize the credibility they have worked hard towards to stand up and educate misinformed. My journey, from ICU to sales, to teaching, art and research has led me to the present journey of combining all I’ve seen towards visual statements recording my interpretation. What else are doing in the journey of time, but helping others see, sharing perspectives, and being open to learning in a sea of unprecedented climate and technological change?