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  1. KPalmer29

    NCLEX IN 75 questions

    Hi all, I took the NCLEX at 8 am this morning and tried the PVT trick at 1:30 today, I got the “good pop up” so I’m hoping this is still accurate!! Can someone help give me a peace of mind?!?
  2. KPalmer29

    NCLEX-RN practice exam

    Yes, they are old NCLEX questions from previous years. It is expensive but I did feel like it was worth it to get an idea of what the test would be like. The major downfall is that it gives you a score, but doesn't tell you what you should be getting and doesn't let you review what you missed.
  3. KPalmer29

    NCLEX-RN practice exam

    I'm wondering if anybody purchased these and how they did? They are the NCSBN ones that were suggested in the ATT email. I've taken both, averaging 85 out of 125, but there is no further information on what you should be getting when taking these. I just can't help but feel like that is not meeting a high enough score to pass the actual NCLEX considering you can't review or look at what you missed.
  4. KPalmer29

    Ncsbn program and lippincott for NCLEX review.. help??

    One other thing- can I asked what you did for prep?
  5. KPalmer29

    Ncsbn program and lippincott for NCLEX review.. help??

    Okay that makes me feel better!! I’m just so nervous, I’ve heard mixed review that ati was a great predictor or they didn’t feel it was. Maybe it is just a personal feeling. Hoping all goes well! Thanks for the reply
  6. Hi all, I am currently prepping for the nclex that I take next Thursday. I graduated May 17th and started the 5 week NCSBN program the following Saturday and have been doing 75-100 questions a day (only doing the questions rather than the lessons) averaging an 80% for the most part. I also read through the hurst book and have been doing the lippincott pass point exams and achieving a “pass” in 75 questions. Lastly, we used ati in our school and I passed my exit comprehensive with a 98% chance of passing the first time but I still can’t seem to feel prepared. Can anyone tell me if these are good indicators and practice for the actual test?