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  1. aestheticnurse7

    Kent State WHNP or Any NP programs there

    Any feedback on the Kent State NP programs? I am interested in the structure of classes and how the support is? If anyone has insight on the WHNP track I am def interested ☺️
  2. aestheticnurse7

    Should I omit some of my nursing experience to get a job in L&D?

    My best advice to you would be to join AWHONN and take a couple courses to highlight on your resume. I would recommend basic fetal monitoring and a high risk OB course. This is the standardized training and shows the hiring manager that you are serio...
  3. aestheticnurse7

    Within scope or not

    Am Spa is a legal consultation resource for these type of questions
  4. aestheticnurse7

    Supervising physician for Botox/fillers

    Experienced injector here. Many states don’t allow RNs or even NPs to open a med spa. Most states are evolving to require a medical pre eval by a physician prior to injecting. Don’t put your license at risk. Also a cert course won’t give you the skil...
  5. aestheticnurse7

    Aesthetic RN vs Aesthetic NP

    Aesthetic RN here, the switch has been to NP as all patients need a medical eval before being prescribed a treatment plan. Injecting Botox or Filler without an eval can be considered practicing medicine. Whatever you do, follow your states guideline ...