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  1. Joanne15

    When to do the Pearson View "Trick"

    Ok guys ! I just finished my NCLEX RN Exam about an hour ago. I finished in 76 questions it took me almost 2 hours. How soon can I try and do the Pearson View Trick? And would it work if I just changed the expiration date in my credit card?
  2. Joanne15

    Kaplan vs. NCLEX

    Hi all, I graduated December 2019 and I am scheduled to take the NLCEX at the end of January. I have been seeing people say that NCLEX is easier than Kaplan !!?? For anyone who has already taken the NCLEX, is this true?? I have been using Kaplan for about 2 weeks now and I must say, this content is pretty hard. I do around 60-75 Q Bank questions a day (4 days/week) and then look over the rationales. I still haven't used the book yet. I honestly haven't really met the 60% passing score and this is making me nervous. Here are the results: Management of Care: 45% (Ouch) Safety and Infection Control: 78% Health Promotion and Maintenance: 56% Psychological: 68% Basic Care and Comfort: 38% (Wow...) Pharmacology and P.N.: 54% Physiological: 51% Reduction of Risk Potential: 54% Diagnostic Exam: 61% NCLEX RN PRactice Test: 70% Questions Trainers averaged out 50% My category scores are really not impressive... I take the NCLEX in 4 weeks. Can anyone give me advice on ways to study using Kaplan?
  3. Joanne15

    How Long to Get ATT for NCLEX?

    Hi, I have already submitted all of my documents to the MO Board Of Nursing. I got an email co fuming all documents were in but I still needed to register and pay the fee with Pearson. I just did that last night. My transcipts have already been sent from my college. would it still take around 2-4 weeks to get ATT? All I literally had left was to pay the fee. I'm hoping I can hurry and get it so I can test witching the next 5 weeks.
  4. Joanne15

    NCLEX in evening?

    Hi all, I graduate in December this year. Has anyone taken the NCLEX in the late afternoon or evening? Or all all exams pretty much scheduled in mornings and early afternoons? My brain seems to work better at night. I know it's kind of weird.
  5. I have recently accepted a position on an intermediate Unit at a large hospital in my city. We will see Observation patients and ED overflow. I know I will see a wide array of patients on this unit and learn a lot. I am really excited to start and build my RN platform. This was the first job to offer me a position so I accepted it without really looking around. I have heard the staff was very welcoming and great to work with. After gaining experience, I was considering moving to Texas. I have always wanted to move to Houston, Texas. I love it. I also really like cardiac units. (I was unable to land a job in our cardiac units at my hospital. I was a little bummed about it, but very grateful that I did get offered another position). What I want to know is: Is it "difficult" to be a nurse in a new state? How difficult would it be to try and apply for a more specialized intermediate unit, like Cardiac Care?
  6. I am a CNA and I really do enjoy communicating with my patients but sometimes I find myself sitting in their room for long amounts of time listening to their stories. It’s fun at the beginning, but as time goes on I’m listening less and less and thinking about all of the other things I need to get done. Eventually I catch myself just smiling and nodding without listening to a single word they are saying anymore. I honestly have a hard time cutting a patient off mid story and explaining that I really want to get back to what I was doing. What are some good “end-the-conversation” phrases that I can start using without sounding rude for cutting them off??

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