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  1. NettieGray

    Wound Interview

    I have a wound care interview next week. It will be a group of 5-6 interviewers. Any tips or advice? Thanks!
  2. NettieGray

    Need advise on transferring

    I got the opportunity to apply to wound care position and will be notifying my manager in a couple days. The wound team welcomes non-certified applicants aka me, but first priority is given to nurses already certified so there is a possibility I will not get the position this time. I want to proceed with the application process, but I'm wondering when I tell my manager of my intentions, will I get fired from my current position? I don't want to be pessimistic, but if I don't get the wound position that I want should I be preparing to move somewhere else entirely or will they allow me to remain where I am? I am worried!
  3. NettieGray

    Will there be too many nurses in the near future?

    You mean they hold multiple nursing jobs or non-nursing related jobs?
  4. Hello, I want to start out by saying that it's my frst time posting here and I am in need of advice! I've been a neuro nurse for last 3 years and have decided to return to school for my MSN. I plan to be a full time student and continue working at least part-time, but I want to change to a less stressful unit. I was thinking of pre-op either full time or part time or float pool because I heard they are very flexible with their schedules. Has anyone here returned for their MSN whilst working a regular acute RN job? I am also aware that I can do nursing jobs outside of the hospital, but I would like to stay in my hospital for the time being even if it means having to switch to per diem. I guess I'm just looking for a relatively easy nursing unit to spend my days in while I complete grad school. All advice is appreciated -Nettie

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