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Need advise on transferring

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I got the opportunity to apply to wound care position and will be notifying my manager in a couple days. The wound team welcomes non-certified applicants aka me, but first priority is given to nurses already certified so there is a possibility I will not get the position this time. I want to proceed with the application process, but I'm wondering when I tell my manager of my intentions, will I get fired from my current position? I don't want to be pessimistic, but if I don't get the wound position that I want should I be preparing to move somewhere else entirely or will they allow me to remain where I am? I am worried!

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Do you have a good relationship with your manager?  It would be courteous to let her know you've applied for a different position.  Then keep her posted.  If she respects you she won't begrudge you seeking out other opportunities.  She'll respect you more for keeping her in the loop so she can plan ahead for staffing.  If you don't get the position, she'll probably tell you she's glad you're staying.

Only very dysfunctional employers will terminate you if they find out you've been seeking other positions.

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