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  1. Mitzy Bastida

    US Nurse - Jobs for Enrolled Nurses?

    Thanks for your quick response! Perhaps I will have an easier time looking for positions at outpatient facilities or a Dr's office. Would you agree?
  2. Mitzy Bastida

    US Nurse - Jobs for Enrolled Nurses?

    Thank you, interesting information. I would be only working because I will be married to an AU citizen, so I'm not too worried about the working visa. If you don't mind me asking - can you briefly explain the discharge process of a patient from a hospital? Who schedules the patient to see his primary and/or specialists, any procedures, arranges home health aid, nursing facility placement etc? Is it the floor nurse or does the patient call themselves to arrange? Thank you!
  3. Mitzy Bastida

    US Nurse - Jobs for Enrolled Nurses?

    Hi all, I'm moving to AU soon to be with my husband. Background - I am an LVN (equivalent to Enrolled Nurse) Case Manager for a healthcare insurance company. I work directly with Dr.'s, hospitals, patient's and assist in things like care plans, discharge planning, processing discharge orders, setting up home health, transfers, outpatient procedures, nursing home placement, you name it..I do it. All my work is office-based..documenting, telephonic. I know AU has a different healthcare system. I am just at a loss as I have been searching for similar job posts and I cannot find any. It's even harder because 1) Don't see many opportunities for Enrolled nurses and 2) I'm making almost six figures a year and I fear I may have to take a giant paycut, especially since I'm not an RN and I also have not done any direct patient care since nursing school (7 yrs ago)! Can someone point me to the right direction as to what jobs I should be looking for - perhaps it's a different job title I should be searching for? Or am I just wasting my time if there is no such thing as case management? Is there anything else I might qualify for? Thank you in advance

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