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  1. Constant Cantrell

    Howard Community College - Fall 2020

    Hi Everyone, my name is Kendra and I wanted to know has anyone else received their acceptance letter for Fall 2020? Also, if there are any current or previous students, please share your experiences and give any advice on what's to come for use newbies....
  2. Constant Cantrell

    Howard Community College 2019 Waitlist

    I got accepted!! I'm so excited and nerves at the same time....
  3. Constant Cantrell

    Howard Community College Traditional Fall2020

    I applied for Fall 2019 evenings/weekend and was waitlisted due to the high volume of application received. I received my acceptance letter for Fall 2020 and I will be starting this fall. If you applied for fall 2020, there could be a 50/50 chance of you getting an acceptance letter depending on the wait list and application volume. Good luck!
  4. Constant Cantrell

    Howard Community College 2019 Waitlist

    Hello, I am currently on the waitlist for HCC evening/weekend tradition RN program. I was initially #20 but move up to #18. I applied for Fall 2019, I spoke with someone from the advising office and was informed that I will for sure be offered a seat for Fall 2020. I am excited and patiently waiting bc it’s been a long time coming for me. So to all that have or will be applying for the program best wishes for you all and see you all at the finish line....

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