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  1. Hello everyone, Im sure this is probably a story everyone heard before and I'm really embarassed by myself. I am in the second semester of nursing school and got A's in my first semester, but in the second semester I failed Med Surg by a measly 1 point, so my instructor failed me for the course. It was only one point, but I understand they must cut off somewhere. Does anyone else have experience in failing a nursing semester? I cant progress to next semester if I don't take Med Surg again. I am pretty devastated to say the least, but what I really want to know is how to adjust my study methods to change something and be able to do better next semester. Right now, my study methods are to read the book before lecture, print out the power points and take notes on them and in my notebook and then review those notes after lecture and before the exam. I purchased Saunders NCLEX review and do practice questions there, but it seems no matter how I did, I always just barely squeaked by on all my lecture exams, which is why I failed the class by just one point, if I had one more question right on the final, I would've passed. Can anyone share their experiences in failing a semester? At this point, I feel like maybe I can't do this, I am absolutely down about my whole experience. I've done tremendously well in my clinical and everyone loved me there but it doesn't factor into the grade. Since others in my class are passing, obviously I'm doing something wrong with my study methods. Thank you for reading and I hope somebody has any ideas that can help.