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    NCLEX - How I Passed!

    Hello all, I am sure there are a number of you out there that are curious as to how to figure out you passed NCLEX, especially in states that do not have quick results. But this also goes for those who have access to quick results, please read this as well! I just recently took my NCLEX April 19th, 2019. I sat for 5 hours, I had all 265 questions. I PASSED. This was my third time taking NCLEX btw. Reading these articles along my journey really helped and I hope this will help ease the anxiety and frustration for all of you as well. What I did to study: I did a combination of Uworld and Kaplan. I watched the videos on Kaplan and did Phase 1 - 3. The videos consists of class modules and pretty much breaks down how you should study for NCLEX, like a to do lists. It really helped me visualize the main points and how to fully study this time around. Completing all the videos and practice questions through Kaplan, it helps you find the MOST correct answer. It also helped break down how to figure out SATA questions. (Which I had a lot of during NCLEX, approximately 45 - 50+ of my exam were SATA. I will go into more detail of what my exam consisted of later.) Decision Tree was the best way for me. You guys can find your own ways to determine the most correct answer. But really consider watching the kaplan videos regarding decision tree. I used decision tree for the whole exam. I kept raising my hand for a clean sheet of paper to write on because I used it for ALL 265 questions. Also, consider watching videos that kaplan provides you after you take practice tests. It summarizes key points of topics to help you remember important information. What I liked most about kaplan, it also shows you how many times you changed your answer from correct to incorrect. It helps you stop second guessing yourself too. After kaplan videos and a kaplan practice test, I would switch to Uworld and do another 50 - 75Q practice test and remediate right after. Remediation after practice exams help solidify why you got the answers wrong or right. I did not finish all of Uworld, it served as another tool for me to use to strengthen my test taking skills. I would study at least 5-6 hours every day Mon-Fri after work. (I work 8am-5pm. Get home around 5:30pm, eat a little dinner and kept pushing through.) I would sleep around 11:30 or 12am. Saturdays, I would review all the notes I took before, do my flashcards and take a practice test, 75Q then remediate. Sunday, I would look over notes, re-write my notes to help me better understand the topics. I sacrificed a lot BUT it was so worth it. Exam day: I brought snacks as well, but I ate a nice lunch prior to taking my exam. I had my fiance drop me off the testing center. I recommend having someone drive you, it helps ease your nerves and also hearing a pep talk on the way to the exam helps too! After the test, you are so brain-fried and tired. I was so happy my fiance drove me exam day. On the way to lunch, I took a 5 question practice test on uworld, which kind of helped me get my brain to start kicking into testing mode. After I checked in, I used the restroom and took a deep breath. Walked into the exam and started testing. I had all 265 questions, 40 - 50+ sata, a couple drag and drop, a couple EKG strips. The rest were solely PRIORITY and DELEGATION questions. I did not take my scheduled breaks, I would raise my hand just to use the restroom. I also brought extra clothes with me just incase i got super cold. (which it did, so i switched to sweats.) After the exam ended. I felt relieved. I still thought the test was hard, I felt I failed again. My fiance picked me up after and we went to eat and celebrate that i finished the test. ----- A couple hours after the exam, I decided to do the PVT trick. Filling out each line and when I got to the payment option, I used my debit card information and changed the expiration date on the card. It worked for me, I got the good pop-up. Keep in mind April 19th, is a friday. I kept checking every day if i got the good pop up or not. Every day, still good pop up. I watched videos, read articles about the good pop up and how accurate it is. Came to this site in particular and read mixed reviews, which made me so anxious. Some members posted "oh if you don't see your results in 2 days that means you failed". If you take on a friday or a weekend do not listen to those posts. Results take 2 BUSINESS days to review and post. Since i took my exam on friday, results were posted exactly 12am midnight, so early tuesday morning. I went on BRN to verify license and searched my name April 23, 2019. Another way to check if you pass or fail. log onto your breeze website and check your account. The top right corner should hold your license information as well!! GOODLUCK to future test takers! I hope this article helped!

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