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canadian.j has 9 years experience as a MSN, RN, NP and specializes in PHCNP.

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  1. US RN moving to London UK

    It really varies based on where you're living. London is definitely more expensive than other areas of the UK, even within London people may commute up to an hour to save on housing, but you'll also be paying more on transportation. Working with the ...
  2. New-ish US RN trying to find a job in Manchester UK

    Ah, yes. Patience is definitely required with any bureaucratic process it seems, ? regardless of country.
  3. New-ish US RN trying to find a job in Manchester UK

    I totally I get it! I graduated from grad school in Canada and proceeded to transfer my license over to the UK and it took about 6 months to become fully registered here as a RN and another month to apply, accept and train for a job. What people tend...
  4. New-ish US RN trying to find a job in Manchester UK

    If you're applying to Trusts directly with no NMC pin/registration, chances are you won't be considered for any posting. It can be discouraging however there's ways around this by finding an agency or hospital in Manchester who take on international ...
  5. US NP Seeking Licensure in UK

    @jglase570 I just stumbled on this thread and wonder if you have any new information with your NP licensing transfer?! I'm currently registered as an NP in Canada and in the process of transferring over the UK and just wondering where I should even s...
  6. US RN moving to London UK

    Hey Kaitlyn!! @kaitfinder Do you mind if I ask you a quick question - how long did it take for you to complete your application with NMC, with sending all the supporting documentation from your nursing university, etc. over to them? I've passed my CB...
  7. US RN moving to London UK

    Thanks for all this info, Kait!!
  8. Hi everyone, I'm an RN with 5 years experience and will be graduating from a Canadian MScN/NP program this upcoming July. My partner is currently residing in the UK and I'm planning on taking the CBT and OSCE's for my RN license transfer to London. T...