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    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    What language did they use? Because you disagree with someone it's an automatic label of toxicity? Seems like to goto cry of liberals everywhere.
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    How many care plans do you do?

    My school has pretty much phased them out in favor of more pre/post clinical discussions. I mean, yea you have to do Med cards and a few basic maps (CHF, kidney injury, cva stuff like that) in first semester to learn the ropes, but after that, it was optional. Gotta say I never got anything from all the time invested. I learned MUCH more actually discussing things with experienced clinicians and doing things on the floor.
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    Vaccination for clinical

    Lol.. You want to be in a science based career and believe vaccines are fill of "toxins and crap".. Might wanna review those micro and physiology books. And stop trusting YouTube and "natural health. Com" over hundreds of thousands of papers of peer reviewed science.