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  1. MasalaC

    FY 20 Navy Nurse

    Yeah I hope once late June comes around he won't be like WHOOPS MEANT OCT lolololol Everything goes in turtle pace I fear I won't have any new updates to share until 2025 lol I was supposed to do meps back in Dec after getting confirmation from my recruiter, but once I got there bright and super early, they were like sorry you're not even in the system. I was like excuuurrrssseee me I am SO in the system, my recruiter told me! I dunno what happened but my recruiter apologized and I was like kk, imma go home and go back to sleep then. I'm ready to get meps over with but my recruiter is like I have forever, no need to rush. UUUHHH I PREFER GETTING THE PAPERWORK DONE AND OVER WITH crying You got balls of steel loving ICU the way you do. Not everyone is meant for that critical care life so I have no desire to go back, but hecka kudos to you I think my recruiter would like me more if I remained a ICU nurse haha oh well, I'm hoping I'll get in regardless.
  2. MasalaC

    FY 20 Navy Nurse

    Hey Nels, thanks for starting a thread for the 2020ers! I've been talking to my recruiter since last Dec; I'm in acute inpatient psych but apparently there hasn't been any active quotas for psych nurses in the last 4 years so I might be credentialed as a med-surg nurse with psych experience if accepted (I was in CVICU for a very short time before I was like nOoOoOope) which is totes fine, the more skills the better I say. My recruiter says end of June we shall be seeing how many active quotes are available for FY2020. Are they counting your RN experience prior to your BSN? I hear the other branches only count experience after obtaining a BSN but not sure about the navy!