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My name is Jessica I’m 32 from Cedar Park, TX. I’m a ASCP certified phlebotomist and LVN student.

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  1. I knew nursing school was going to be difficult but wow! I'm in my 10th week of my first semester of a LVN program and I guess I'm doing well just trying to pass. The problem is that I feel so stressed out every week I feel like I'm always behind. I finished Foundations with a B & I'm currently getting an 88% in Basics of Nursing/Fundamentals & clinicals are going well I guess. We started the fall semester with 49 students and we are already down to 31. It's like people are quitting like crazy or failing out. In my program you need a 77% to pass and if you fail any checkoff more than 3 times you are gone. I spent almost 2 years doing the prereqs for this program I don't want to waste all of that. My background is phlebotomy I'm really thinking of maybe switching back to the Medical Lab Tech program if I don't make it but I've always wanted to be a nurse. Is anyone else getting close to graduating? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? I really hope it gets better.