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Who else is stressed out? Anyone offer advice?

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I knew nursing school was going to be difficult but wow! I'm in my 10th week of my first semester of a LVN program and I guess I'm doing well just trying to pass. The problem is that I feel so stressed out every week I feel like I'm always behind. I finished Foundations with a B & I'm currently getting an 88% in Basics of Nursing/Fundamentals & clinicals are going well I guess. We started the fall semester with 49 students and we are already down to 31. It's like people are quitting like crazy or failing out. In my program you need a 77% to pass and if you fail any checkoff more than 3 times you are gone. I spent almost 2 years doing the prereqs for this program I don't want to waste all of that. My background is phlebotomy I'm really thinking of maybe switching back to the Medical Lab Tech program if I don't make it but I've always wanted to be a nurse. Is anyone else getting close to graduating? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? I really hope it gets better.😫 

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I don’t mean to depress you but, I’m in my second semester and it only gets more difficult. It’s good you are doing well in your foundations classes because each semester builds on your established foundations. But I think you should take time to stop and look at the pros and cons of nursing. If the pros our way the cons keep at it! Nursing school is notorious for being stressful, but if this is what you really want then fight for it! You got this 🙌🏽👏🏽
If you hated clinical and are doing awful in lecture that’s different. But it sounds like you’re doing just fine. 

Some things that helped me is to have a study group of no more than 4 people and do  A TON of practice nclex questions. 

Also, don’t forget to eat right and EXERCISE. I know it may be hard to find time, but it really helps with stress and mental health. 

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Do this BEFORE lecture

I would Definitely invest in high yield books which takes away fluff and read BEFORE reading your textbooks (hesi, ATI, lippincott nclex rn content, pocket book, companion book that goes with your medsurg book) then read a reference book ( Saunders) then skim read your nursing book ( learning objectives, chapter summary, boxes, tables, charts, end of chapter questions, study guide) then do50-100  pravtice questions( evolve online and google topics nclex questions) then during lecture dont take notes only focus on what will be on the exam. Then after lecture same day review. Do 50 -100 questions You want to have saw the material 7 times before exam. 3 times before lecture and 4 times before exam which means having 5 days to study for each exam. If you can get a hesi book and take notes inside there in the topic your class is discussing. Why rewrite the same stuff thats already in a small book? Time is everything. Save it in active recall not taking notes 🙂


Go on youtube look up nursing lectures on what you will be discussing

Improve Memory

Start looking up mnenomics, acronyms, analogies on concepts etc on what you are learning and only study like you are teaching a class. Pay attention more on concepts (nursing concepts) 

Review patho and physio everyday

More importantly time management and organization. 

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