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    International College of Health Sciences

    For me the price is not too bad compare to California is way 4 x times expensive. And this would work for me I can work and study at the same time. Of course expect that obstacles comes on your way and you have to know how to play that challenge. Nothing is easy in this world. But if you work hard for it you will get it. I am just saying.

    International College of Health Sciences

    Yes, I am an LVN in California and determined to advance my career to RN. Most of my coworkers are going to the ICHS. One of the CNA will be their final clinical next month. So I am excited to start soon. They said they go for CLINICAL in FLORIDA ONCE every semester for 14days. So for me not too bad. 15days x 12hrs each semester thats four semester and I think the last semester is more hours you have to stay.

    International College of Health Sciences

    I am about to start on June 10 next month. I am excited already because most of my coworker are already started in this school since last year. Few of them are graduating this year. International College of Health Sciences is perfect in my schedule I can study while working. And for clinical you have to fly to Florida once in every semester but you have to stay there for 14days x 12hrs to complete clinical in every semester. So you may be flying 4x to complete the program. They are accredited in BON Florida ACEN and ACCN Accredited. I am not worried about getting a endorsement from BON of Florida going to California as long as I am holding a license of RN that all matters. NURSING School in California are notoriously expensive. So, I think it is wise to go out of state which is still govern under the state and school is accredited that's more important.

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