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  1. Quabilah Williams

    Nursing Applications Stress!!!

    Nursing schools saying they'll take C's are BS in my personal opinion, when they really want A's and B's. Of course nursing school is a monumental challenge but I think school's should be more honest about what they really want. We can study all we want but when life gets in the way it's not always possible to get higher than a B. Bio 1/2 were my AP classes!
  2. Quabilah Williams

    Nursing Applications Stress!!!

    I'm applying to nursing programs officially for the first time, though I've made plans to apply previous semesters but just couldn't afford it (started college in '15) and good God this is stressful. I'm worried about my science grades not being good enough. I'm applying to Georgia State (currently attending), Kennesaw State, GA College&State, and possibly Clayton State....My transfer GPA is a 3.52 and all my pre-reqs are done. Chem 1/Lab: C/A Chem 2/Lab: C/B Bio 1/Lab: B/C Bio 2/Lab: B/B MicroBio/Lab: C/C Stats: B College Algebra: B PreCalc: A All the colleges want C's or better in these classes but that's a load of BS. I'm debating retaking my microbio (I've already taken all my sciences twice except Chem 1 lecture and micro) but I don't know how that will affect my acceptance since my transcripts have already been sent. Unfortunately, I couldn't retake my bio this past semester and all the classes are full for summer. I know I'm going to have to score almost perfect on my TEAS exam next month to have an actual chance at getting into a program. The stressful part is knowing whether or not the nursing boards will focus more on a high score in the science section of the Teas enough to overlook my C's in chem and microbio.