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  1. RRTtoBSN

    Monday=NCLEX DAY

    Monday I take my NCLEX at 8am. I am a nervous wreck! Everyone keeps saying "oh don't worry, you will pass!" or "you passed RRT boards, you can pass the nclex", but snap, what if I don't?? I am using Kaplan Q Bank and Hurst Review (mostly the videos). I was focused on content at first, but then my friend took hers and said it really didn't have much to do with content, more like prioritization and management. She passed by the way, but she literally brought her study materials with her to the beach (she is goals!). Anyway... what are some tips/tricks that you used to calm down before the exam. What did you do the day before the exam? And how do you slow yourself down when taking the exam? I noticed by taking my practice exams that I miss some questions because I read it too quickly and missed a word or something. Thank you guys!
  2. RRTtoBSN


    Tutoring? Niiiiice! My program was not so forgiving. You had average a 77% on all exams before any assignments were counted towards your final grade. If you failed 2 check offs, you were done. If you failed a class, you are done. There was no tutoring. They did encourage that if you failed an exam that you meet up with the instructors for advisement and to ask questions but that was it.
  3. RRTtoBSN

    RRT to BSN =CRNA?

    Thank you for the replies!!! I will for sure have to retake the chemistry class then. I think the reason I did so bad in it was because I was taking 19 credit hours that semester and most of them were science related courses. I guess I was just too stressed out and that was my second semester as an undergrad. I have my ACLS, PALS, BLS, and NRP currently. I am planning on taking my CCRN but apparently you can't take that until you have been a RN for one year at my hospital. What is TNCC? I think I have heard of nurses taking it recently, but I am not sure of what it is. The ICU I work in is a 12 bed ICU with an additional 4 bed "step down" unit. We take basically any critical care patients including post op. We get patients that are even still open after surgery, its pretty interesting. We also have a 6 bed Neuro ICU that we get floated to as well. I am hoping all that experience will be beneficial. I was looking into classes at my local community college because it is cheaper, but do they not look as well for CRNA admissions??
  4. RRTtoBSN

    Shift Work Sleep Disorder

    I have SWSD as well and i have been on Ambien for 3 years. one of my doctors wants me off the Ambien but sometimes I seriously cannot sleep! I haven't had any negative effects from it (clothes have stayed on and no sleep driving/eating/sex/murder etc lol) so I am unsure as to why take it away? It habit forming, maybe. But if I haven't slept in 3 days and melatonin is like candy to me, then why not?
  5. RRTtoBSN

    Herniated Disc

    I just graduated from nursing school (literally 2 days ago) and I have already secured a job in the ICU at a hospital that I have worked at for 5 years as a Respiratory Therapist. In a few weeks, I will be starting their RNA program. However, on June 24 I will be having my 2nd back surgery. I was injured on the job when I was a CNA years ago. This injury caused a lot of back issues which ultimately lead to an emergency microdiscetomy. That was 4 years ago. I wasn't planning on having another surgery, especially as soon as i have started my dream job!! Can I still be a nurse with a bad back?? I am 28, going on 29 years old. Ultimately I would like to be a CRNA but I am unsure if I can even do that?! Anyone one here have back issues and still making bedside nursing happen??
  6. RRTtoBSN

    RRT to BSN =CRNA?

    hello! new here! I have been in healthcare for 10 years now. 5 as a CNA, 5 as a Registered Respiratory Therapist and now I am starting my first nursing job in the ICU. Over the past 2 years, I have learned a lot about the CRNA field and I feel like it is a career path that I would love to go into! Its the best of nursing and respiratory! I have been wondering if I should keep my RRT license active now that I have my RN? Would having a RRT credential help me get into CRNA school (closest one is MTSA in Tennessee)? My GPA is 3.4, haven't taken the GRE yet, and I had a C in intro to chemistry for health sciences . I have multiple people willing to write me recommendation letters. I am just worried I won't get in and I know the application fees are even expensive. Advice?