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Alternative RN jobs?? KY

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by RRTtoBSN RRTtoBSN (New) New Nurse

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I have 10 years of medical experience between being a CNA and a respiratory therapist. I graduated this may with my BSN and immediately started working in my hospital's ICU in June. I love working there and I have started looking into ways to become more involved in the unit,etc. I have also looked into CRNA school,which was my end game goal. The bad thing is, I have a bad back. I am 29 years old and I have had 2 back surgeries and working on a 3rd (possibily a fusion). My question is, if for some reason my back doesn't allow me to keep working bedside, what else can I do? I have looked into legal nurse consulting, but there isn't a big need for it around here. CRNA is the dream, but I only have 6 months of ICU experience so I can't apply yet.  Any suggestions?? 

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