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I recently acquired a BSc in Economics in May 2019, minored in Statistics, took a few Health Informatics courses here and there, and hold a Pharm Tech license. I started out as a Biology major before totally switching gears and going into Econ but ended up finding my own special way of loving healthcare again. I'll be finishing up nursing pre reqs then hopefully off to nursing school within the following year. While my college career (and my life) has been pretty sporadic, I've always loved to help people and solve problems. 


Currently looking into the following nursing specialties: Aesthetics, Forensics, Case Management, Informatics, Public Health, Cardiac, Obstetrics 

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  1. CoeurCommeHepburn

    Valencia Fall 2019

    The Nurse Nook? I thought she retook those.
  2. CoeurCommeHepburn

    Valencia Fall 2019

    Seminole is really far. Best bet may be Polk.
  3. CoeurCommeHepburn

    Valencia Fall 2019

    Seminole is really far. Best bet may be Polk.
  4. CoeurCommeHepburn

    Survival guide for women of color

    It contributes to a higher mortality rate of Black women because medical staff is notorious for not listening to them and believe they have higher pain tolerance .
  5. CoeurCommeHepburn

    Valencia Fall 2019

    Has anyone ever made it into the program with just below a 3.0 gpa? I see that you can study respiratory care with just a 2.0 then go into the accelerated track with a 2.5.
  6. CoeurCommeHepburn

    Valencia Fall 2019

    I looked up WGU and they only have the RN-BSN online program and not the online pre-licensure program. I found out there are less pre reqs to take for Polk and there are courses such as AP II and Microbio you can take concurrently while in the actual nursing program. There are even online LPN-RN programs offered by rural colleges. Had I known how many options there were to become a nurse, I would have done this years ago lmao. Edit: WGU allows you to complete 60% of the courses online. 40% is the onsite clinicals. I misunderstood haha.
  7. CoeurCommeHepburn

    Aesthetics/Dermatology, HOW?!

    I'm very interested in this field as well! I'm a huge girly girl and pro-surgery. I was actually just reading this: http://psncb.org/CANS/. Hope it helps!
  8. CoeurCommeHepburn

    Good personality fit for nursing?

    I'm like this, too. I think it's important to see your introverted nature as strength and learn to hone on the positive aspects of it because frankly, being seen as mean and asocial can easily make one alienated. Focus on being a good listener, anticipating the needs of others, and having a calm demeanor and presence. Instead of initiating awkward small talk, I show interest by asking questions about the person because everyone LOVES to talk about themselves. Through this, It's been easier for people to see me as friendly while quiet and tends to prefer time alone instead of completely standoffish.
  9. CoeurCommeHepburn

    Valencia College ADN Spring 2019

    Since Valencia isn't considered competitive, would you still be able to get a good job after graduating? I already hold a B.S from UCF and will be finishing up pre-reqs at Valencia this fall..